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dragonahelpers's Journal

DragonAdopters Helpers
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Here to help your Dragonadopter dragons grow and level up!
This community is in no way affiliated with http://dragonadopters.com/ -- it is an unofficial community.

Need a place to post your dragons for them to get clicks and vists and grow up happy, and fast? Then you've come to the right place!

Membership is free to all!
Please read all rules before joining the community or posting!
Failure to follow rules will get you banned!

1. ONLY ONE POST PER DAY! This way you dont spam the community.
2. If you post asking for clicks and visits, we expect you to click others dragons!
3. You may not spam your dragons around in other entries.
4. If a post to the community doesn't follow the rules, it will get deleted.
5. Only post DragonAdopter dragons, please!
6. Please do not swear. There may be young kids posting their dragons here, so any posts or comments with swearing will be deleted.
7. Do not make debate-baiting posts about sensitive topics such as abortion, politics, religion etc. This is NOT the place! Thats for your personal journal! Any posts liek this will be deleted!
8: Use HTML mode when making an entry, not RichText!
9: Don't try to post using the BBCode. Only HTML will work.

If you feel your posts have been wrongly deleted, or you yourself wrongly banned, please contact the moderator and we can try to work things out!